I am Matt Andrews, I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona.  Since I have been able to walk, I have been drawing and painting.  I have been influenced by art my entire life.  I then attended Arizona State University where I received my Bachelors degree of Fine Arts.  Which was a very traditional art school, Drawing, Painting and Sculpture was a part of the curriculum.  After college, I always felt that my education wasn’t finished.  I continued to try new mediums, such as Computer design. While working at a paint supply company, I saw an airbrush. It looked cool and had always seen the elaborate paintings that were created with one. I took it home, and started practicing. The more I practiced, the more I fell in love with it.  I could draw with it and use it to paint.  It was like the best of both worlds.  I practiced on little panels at home and on friends’ projects.  Pretty soon people wanted to give me money for my work, I didn’t turn that down.  Before i knew it, airbrushing is all I did. And I loved it.  That was 14 years ago, and I haven’t stopped working at it. 

Transforming your ride 


I want to make your project a memorable one. Your motorcycle, car, truck, boat, UTV, etc. should be a rolling work of art. Art is the way we express ourselves. Your ride should express who you are, to the highest degree and the finest detail.

Committed to providing the highest quality artwork


Hypnotic Airbrush is not just a company, it is a life long passion of one person to achieve stunning artworks. Matt Andrews, Artist, owner, committed to a world of art.  

7015 S Harl Ave, Tempe, Arizona 85283

A little background

I believe art is the most important form of expression. The world should be covered in it, to the highest degree.Type your paragraph here.