I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona.  Since I have been able to walk, I have been drawing and painting.  I have been influenced by art my entire life. Art has been my constant through life, like an old friend, it has always been with me. I attended Arizona State University where I received my Bachelors degree of Fine Arts. A very traditional art school, A.S.U., focused more on Drawing, Painting and Sculpture as a part of the curriculum. I always felt that my education wasn’t finished.  I continued to try new mediums, such as Computer design and Airbrush. The airbrush (especially) is a very versatile tool, utilizing the strengths of both drawing painting. Incorporating the computer aspect is a huge strength as well. The collaboration of both lends to a unique and cutting edge design. I continue the search for improvement and innovations in my artwork.  

My Airbrush career has been a long and exciting one. Throughout the years, it has taken me around the country, I've worked for many great clients on amazing vehicles and projects. The journey is not over, however, I continue to challenge myself and grow as an artist. The greatest paint job I have ever done is always a head of me.

​- Matt Andrews, Artist


Transforming your ride 


I want to make your project a memorable one. Your motorcycle, car, truck, boat, UTV, etc. should be a rolling work of art. Art is the way we express ourselves. Your ride should express who you are, to the highest degree and the finest detail.

A little background

I believe art is the most impactful form of expression. The world should be covered in it, to the highest degree.Type your paragraph here.



Committed to providing the highest quality artwork


Hypnotic Airbrush is not just a company, it is a life long passion of one person to achieve stunning artworks. Matt Andrews, Artist, owner, committed to a world of art.